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There are different Nursing/Nurse Job Descriptions, depending on the job to be done.

Example: Nurse Clinician Job Description

The Nurse Clinician will perform all or some of the following Job description:

The Nurse Clinician will be responsible for planning and setting goals which demonstrate a holistic approach to patients and families. He/She will assume leadership responsibilities at the unit level, and demonstrate a mastery of clinical skills.

He/She will develop and maintain a therapeutic relationship throughout the healthcare continuum; facilitate the patient and family's right to receive quality, cost effective care.

The Nurse Clinician will demonstrate a commitment to meeting the learning needs of patients and families. He/She will utilize appropriate resources to meet those needs and achieve positive patient outcomes.

He/She will assist in creating an environment that promotes educational growth opportunities for nursing peers and colleagues. He/She will demonstrate the use of nursing process as a problem-solving model.

The Nurse Clinician will demonstrate respect and understanding for peers and other clinical disciplines and participate as an effective member of the patient care team to formulate an integrated approach to care.

He/She will demonstrate leadership behaviors and commitment to the development of self and others.

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